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Why weight cutting for mixed martial arts & boxing is dangerous

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When a healthy 18-year-old Australian dies from preparation for a Muay-Thai fight, it’s time we start taking weight-cutting seriously. On November 10, 2017, Jessica Lindsay collapsed half an hour before a weigh-in to check whether she would meet [...]

A beginner’s guide to choosing boxing gloves

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New to boxing or boxing for fitness? It's hard to beat the boxing bag mitt. They're super affordable and give you the support you need when you're just staring out. These mitts are designed to be used with the boxing bags, just as their name [...]

Fitness trend to try: Boxing

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Boxing may seem like an unlikely sport to try for fitness, but there are great overall benefits for physical and mental health.

Khans HIIT boxing workout

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Always consult with a doctor or Healthcare Provider before starting a new exercise program  What you need You will need a dumbbell, the weight of which you can set to suit your current strength needs and some boxing mitts and a set of focus [...]

4 Best YouTube Channels When You Can’t Afford a Gym Membership

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Workout at home Belonging to a gym can be expensive, particularly if you’re only going once in a blue moon. The average Australian spends approximately $60 a month on gym memberships (and that’s the low end of the scale), Add in a personal trainer, [...]

Get a full workout with space-efficient gear

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Some workout equipment can be bulky, taking up a huge amount of space in your home. However, using some smaller workout tools do burn just as much calories as larger equipment, whilst giving you a full-body workout in addition to being easy to store [...]

6 Exercises to get your through a break up

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Heartbroken? Instead turning to ice cream, watching the Notebook again and belting out  Sinead O' Connor's 'Nothing compares to you' at the top of your lungs, exercise your way through your grief. The best way to make your ex regret letting you go, [...]

Why it’s good to compete in multiple sports

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For the average Aussie rules footballer, the training doesn’t end when the players leave the field at the end of a session. Most players participate in variety of different sports outside of their normal code. It’s a great way to continue to work [...]

Buyer’s guide to choosing a punch bag

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Whether you’re setting up a home gym, a cardio junkie looking for a boxing workout, training in martial arts or just looking for a way to take out pent out aggression after a stressful day in the office, a punch bag could be just the workout item [...]