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Why aerial yoga is so popular?

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Aerial yoga, sometime known as anti-gravity yoga, started gaining popularity about 10 years ago. Since then it has become one of the hottest fitness classes across the globe. Gwenyth Paltrow, Vanessa Hudgens and Chelsea Handler are just a few of the [...]

Is Alien Yoga really a thing?

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Just when you thought there couldn't possibly be another crazy fitness fad, Alien Yoga starts trending on the social pipes. Yes, as bizarre as it looks, Alien Yoga really is a thing. Its correct term is Nauli and it consists of yoga fanatics sucking [...]

Signs the world is barking mad about yoga

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Hot yoga, aerial yoga, yoga poses that make your stomach look like something out of the alien movies and now it appears the world has actually gone barking mad about yoga. The hottest new trend is do do yoga with animals. Goat Yoga Yes, you [...]

Office yoga poses to help you de-stress on the job

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Office yoga may be last thing that crosses your mind when you feel like launching yourself across the workplace - nuclear missile style at your boss, armed with a loaded stapler. However when the work load seems insurmountable and the deadlines are [...]

A beginner’s guide to Yoga

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If you haven't tried yoga yet and you're interested to discover what all the fuss is about, then here's what you'll need to know.

The debate around Bikram Yoga

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Bikram yoga is increasingly popular, but experts are starting to agree that it is no more beneficial to the body than a standard yoga class.

Three yoga poses to strengthen your core

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Want to get more out of your yoga workout? Strengthen your core with these three poses.

Breathing during a yoga class

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'Breathe in through one nostril and out of the other' is probably the most confusing instruction we have ever heard during a yoga class -so why do yoga instructors  focus so much on breathing? Breathing is the most basic function of the body; we [...]

Yoga poses for better posture

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Yoga poses for Better Posture As your reading this ask yourself – what my posture like right now? Are you slouching? Have you been sitting for most of the day?  According to the Australian Bureau of statistics, one in three workers spent at least [...]