Top 5 tips for staying fit with Steph Bruckner

Top 5 tips for staying fit with Steph Bruckner

Top 5 tips for staying fit with Steph Bruckner


NTC trainer Steph Bruckner shares her top 5 tips for staying fit.

Steph Bruckner:

After 20 years in the dance studio, 10 of those teaching, 3 on professional contracts overseas and here at home in Australia, Steph found herself in the gym enjoying new ways to move her body. It was love at first group fitness class, feeling empowered from lifting weight. It then quickly evolved into the desire to help people feel strong and excited about what their body is capable of!

Whether it’s personal or group training, Steph is passionate about educating and motivating you to move and treat your body like an athlete! 

What are your top 5 tips for staying fit?

1 They say never miss a Monday, well I say never miss a FRIDAY! Monday whether dreaded or embraced is usually prepared for. However, Friday is where we are tired from the week and the sneaky relaxed vibe of casual Friday’s and after work drinks, can throw us off the bus before we even get to the bus stop! This can lead into that long weekend mode and before you know it you have done nothing for 3 days.

However if you get the Friday workout done and dusted (yoga is a nice way to finish the week), it’s likely to promote a weekend of activity and you don’t have to feel guilty that you didn’t finish off the week strong!

2 Make fitness enjoyable for YOU!!!

If you love training with a partner or to music in a group exercise class or sticking to a programme. Test what suits you and utilise it as much as you can. All of these have benefits in keeping you motivated and accountable, so set yourself up in the environment that you most enjoy! You and your well being will then stay a priority.

3 Set a goal that is measurable and achievable. One is fine to begin, as you will end up achieving little goals along the way that you didn’t know you wanted. Bonus! Getting advice from a trainer can help achieve your goals quicker as they will be able to assist in the correct programming to get you there while keeping you safe.

4.Rest and Recover. To stay fit your body needs a chance to repair and recover. Building a habit of fitness is one thing but our world is realising the importance of sustainability, and that includes YOU! Give yourself and your muscles a chance to repair by having that rest day or that massage from the Physio you have been dreading. Why? Because you come back Stronger and Fitter!

5 Remember – Your body was designed to move. Exercise helps improve your health. Your mental health, the function of all that goes on inside your body, and it helps you move better and feel better in your daily routine. I wouldn’t want to deprive myself of all this wonderful stuff! So if there is one thought to have help you stay fit, it may well be this…

They say  one hour is 4% of your day, so why wouldn’t you give yourself four per cent or even two per cent of everyday to contribute to your health? In return you will feel like a warrior and enjoy endorphins that you earned! Every body  deserves this, especially yours!

What motivates you to move and get active when you don’t feel like getting out of bed or after a long day of study/work?
Endorphins, I remember how they feel when they hit me.  Clear, Light, Free and Fantastic. Through the muscle soreness, through the fatigue, the endorphins never fail to find me and they never discriminate on what type of workout I did, how hard I worked, or if I changed my goal. I love them and I can always rely on them to show up and make me feel amazing 🙂

What are you most excited about for NTC Tour?
The Faces. The many faces I get to see of those who decided to attend a day that is not about winning a race, or watching a band perform. I am excited to see the faces that are supporting themselves and their squad to enjoy a day moving their body, having fun, hopefully trying something new and most importantly pushing their limits. We want people to have the opportunity to train like athletes so we can awaken the athlete we all have inside. I cannot wait to see all of this come out of their beautiful faces.

If you only had 15 mins to exercise, what would you do? 

NTC app. Its free to download to your phone!

– Plenty of choices of workouts

– Tells you what to do

– Shows you how to do it well

My favourite workout in this timeframe is Kirsty Godzo’s Zoom in 10.

What is in your gym bag? What is your favourite training product?
In the gym bag always: Deodorant, sweat towel, spare underwear, wet wipes/makeup wipes, dry shampoo, moisturiser and a pair of Nikes.  I keep a spare pair of training shoes in my gym bag because don’t you hate forgetting your shoes.

Favourite training product: Nike Pro Indy Bra- hands down my favourite! Love the look, feel and function of this bra for me and my small bust!