Calling all fitness buffs: How to freshen up your fitness regime

Calling all fitness buffs: How to freshen up your fitness regime

Calling all fitness buffs: How to freshen up your fitness regime


Need a new challenge to take your fitness regime to the next level? Here are five workouts that will invigorate the mind, body and spirit.

Mix things up with Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) 

MMA is just that, a combination of gut-busting Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, boxing, wrestling and Judo. Boosting strength, stamina, flexibility and above all, self-esteem, “the goal isn’t to lose weight but to learn something that gives you another perspective of how your body can function,” Ultimate Fitness Centre Owner and MMA Coach Marcelo Altieri said.

“MMA is the cream of the crop of martial arts because you get all the aspects of martial arts: kicking, elbowing, and all sorts of attacks.” Make sure to complement MMA with resistance training to help prevent injuries.

Good for: Those who want to be challenged by a less conventional workout.
Tip: Learn something from every session, no matter what it is.

Capoeira: a blend of combat and culture

Don’t let its upbeat, playful nature fool you! This heady Brazilian form of martial arts combines acrobatics, dance and music, incorporating a wide variety of explosive spinning kicks and highly mobile techniques.

Altieri said that Capoeira improves strength, flexibility, stamina, reflexes, and spatial awareness. “You do stuff you thought you would never be able to do!” Poor technique can put unnecessary strain on joints, muscles and ligaments, so get it right from the start.

Good for: The agile, music lovers and those who want to delve into the Brazilian culture.
Tip: It takes dedication to master the acrobatic moves – keep practising.

Pump up your adrenaline with Kickboxing

Kickboxing attracts a loyal following, and with benefits of improving power, flexibility and agility, blasting calories and taking your overall fitness to the next level, why wouldn’t it?

Altieri said, “It’s all about quick lightning fast strikes in the set up and then going for power.” From the get go, properly learning the techniques through drilling combos, will prepare the body for the real sparring.

Good for: Those who want to test core strength, and work on upper and lower body power.
Tip: To prevent back and joint strains – ease into it.

Burn fat with Fatburn Extreme

This 20-min HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workout focuses on a variation of seven main bodyweight exercises such as planks, burpees, squats and sprints to improve speed, power, strength, and promote fat loss.

Fatburn Extreme Master trainer, Vee Mcshane said, “The workout is mentally tough and using bodyweight exercises allows you to adapt the moves to your current level or work around any injury.”

No equipment is used but expect to be pushed to your physical and mental edge. For injury prevention and maximum results, Mcshane recommended no more than three or four HIIT style sessions a week.

Good for: The time poor who want quick results.
Tip: Ensure you have enough recovery between workouts.

Unleash your inner animal with Animal Flow

This ground-based primal movement program uses animal movements to enhance the way the body (or ‘human animal’) functions and performs by making it stronger, more mobile, powerful and more resilient.

Flow Master Instructor Alisha Smith described the workout as intelligent movement “that truly gives your other physical pursuits (such as strength training, Crossfit, yoga, running, etc.) the shoulders of giants to stand on.”

In order to prevent injuries, she says the workout focuses heavily on ‘owning slow’: going as fast as you can control, emphasising the importance and benefits of getting it right, not just getting it done.

“We incorporate wrist mobilisations at the beginning of every session, as a way to prevent inflammation.”

Good for: Anyone who is comfortable with their hands and feet on the ground at the same time.
Tips: Leave your ego at the door and pick the version of the movements that meet your body where it needs to be met.