4 Best YouTube Channels When You Can’t Afford a Gym Membership

4 Best YouTube Channels When You Can’t Afford a Gym Membership

4 Best YouTube Channels When You Can’t Afford a Gym Membership


Workout at home

Belonging to a gym can be expensive, particularly if you’re only going once in a blue moon. The average Australian spends approximately $60 a month on gym memberships (and that’s the low end of the scale), Add in a personal trainer, let’s say $70 a workout for a trainer that’s got experience, not a newbie, and it’s not long before you;re spending hundreds of dollars on getting fit. Of course, not all of us have that sort of money, however, you can still get a good workout with thanks to the hundreds of fitness workouts on YouTube. The only thing you’ll need to buy is awesome activewear, you still need to look good while working out.

1. Rebel Sport
Rebel Insider and Ambassador, Cam Byrnes is one of Australia’s leading fitness and lifestyle gurus. He’s worked with some big names in the entertainment industry such as former Spice Girl, Mel B and was responsible for Larry Emdur’s mind-blowing transformation. On the Rebel YouTube channel, Cam talks you through the different pieces of equipment you can purchase for use at home, and their benefits, plus a few hot tips. He’s down to earth and his videos are easy to understand. Cameron also has his own YouTube channel with workout routines. Be sure to check it out.

2. Tone It Up

A series of bite-sized exercise routines especially for women. They cover everything from 10-minute yoga workouts to 35 minute HIIT workouts with mindful meditation and how to love your body thrown in to make you feel good about yourself (which you’ll need when you see how toned, bronzed and fit these Karina and Katrina are)

3. Fitness Blender
No equipment, no gimmicks just great fitness advice and workout routines from a 43-minute upper body and cardio workouts to kickboxing and standing ab workouts. You’ll find everything you need here. Virtual person trainers in your lounge room.

4. PopSugar Fitness
Snack-sized fresh workout routines designed to burn big calories. From Tabata to cardio boxing, you’ll find the motivation you need to get you working out and feeling fabulous. And the best thing is all you need is supportive shoes and activewear.