How to use discomfort to discover your potential

How to use discomfort to discover your potential

How to use discomfort to discover your potential


There is no greater limiting factor in training than an unwillingness to suffer.

We are conditioned as human beings to seek comfort in our day-to-day lives and unfortunately, this fear of discomfort carries over to how we train in the gym.

We want the softest chairs, the easiest cars to drive, air-conditioning, elevators and as much leg room at all times as possible to make ourselves as comfortable as possible. It’s why when you walk into the standard Globo gyms you will see people walking from machine to machine, texting between sets, chatting to their disinterested trainers as they rep out sets of 10 at a comfortable weight.

Everyone is terrified of discomfort, but through discomfort comes progress.

I’ve seen the quote “If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you,” splattered around the interwebs time and time again and it’s so true. Think about the last time you went into the gym and willingly took yourself to the point of pain and discomfort, then happily pushed harder, willingly making that feeling just a little worse. We talk about those workouts that pop up once every so often and truly rattle us to our friends, but shy away from making them a habit.

Thankfully, a willingness to take yourself to that place of discomfort and beyond is something you can train.

My absolute favorite way to test that mental toughness it takes to suffer is to pick a simple exercise not limited by technique or strength. For example; choose an assault bike focusing on distance or a time period and try to move as fast and hard as possible for that time.

My personal test of choice is a 10 minute assault bike test for max calories. You lock in and go, no thought, just pain and perseverance.

My best score is 221 calories, how many can you get?