The debate around Bikram Yoga

The debate around Bikram Yoga

The debate around Bikram Yoga


Bikram yoga also known as hot yoga is increasingly popular around Australia as a new way to work up a sweat.

But just because you’re sweating more, is it really better for you?

The up to 40-degree temperatures reached in Bikram yoga classes are a guaranteed  to make you sweat while working out, but some experts claim it doesn’t mean your body is working harder and therefore is just as beneficial as any other form of yoga.

Beliefs around Bikram yoga being more effective, stem from their originator, 67-year-old Bikram Choudhury, who says the extra heat loosens muscles and helps them to further their range.

Fans of the practice also swear by it, claiming that it makes them stronger, more flexible and slimmer than standard yoga.

A chief science officer at the American Council on Exercise (ACE) said that while sweating might look like you’re burning more calories, it’s simply not the case.

24 adults were studied during ACE’s research into the effects of regular yoga compared to hot yoga classes. It was found there was no difference to core temperature or heart rate between the two. When it comes to making the decision between the two, choose the one you’re more comfortable with and don’t sweat the small stuff!

No matter which yoga style you opt for yoga is fantastic for muscle strength, endurance, flexibility and balance.