Do you really need a Gym membership?

Do you really need a Gym membership?


Do you really need a Gym membership?


Getting fit and staying fit is a New Year’s resolution favourite, which would explain why every January gyms around the country see an influx of new memberships.

But is it all really necessary?

The pros of a gym membership

The facilities available at many gyms are undeniably top-rate. They offer personal trainers, modern fitness equipment and an atmosphere that is both supportive and competitive.

For many, a gym is all about convenience. Inner-city dwellers can find it simpler to pop into a local centre rather than get out of the city for a walk or a run, as the concrete jungle and its pedestrian-packed footpath doesn’t usually offer the best incentive to go for a run.

Yet while gym memberships are sold as the epitome of fitness training, they may not be the be-all-and-end-all of keeping in shape.

Fitness alternatives

Fitness isn’t just something you achieve from a room in a building alongside a group of other runners, lifters and personal-besters.

Accomplishing fitness is about being proactive and getting out there every day, it’s about being ready to embrace any opportunity to push yourself.

Joining a sports team is one of the best ways to keep up that fitness outside of the gym, get into the team spirit and enjoy the outdoors while you exercise.

The workplace might be another area where you can keep up your fitness. Taking the stairs instead of the lift every other day is a good way to start your day off right, and if all 14 storeys are too much of a challenge, hop off the lift half-way and walk the rest.

If you take the bus home, you can get off a couple of stops early to increase your walking distance.

So for some, the convenience and modern set-up of a gym might be the best option for keeping fit, others will prefer to go about it in their own way on the stairs, on a sports field or in their living room.

That’s the best thing about fitness; it’s totally up to you.