Fitness trend to try: Boxing

Fitness trend to try: Boxing

Fitness trend to try: Boxing


Box your way to fitness

Fitness fanatics are often on the lookout for new forms of sport and exercise to shake up their routine, as well as target and tone different muscles.

Trying a new form of exercise is often just the thing you need – whether it’s to break that plateau in progress you’ve hit or simply to revitalise a bit of motivation.

One sport that’s often overlooked for its fitness benefits is boxing. Though getting into the ring with an actual opponent may not be an option for the average person, boxing as a form of fitness training is effective and surprisingly addictive.

Boxing is a full body workout that can trim and tone at the same time as increasing cardiovascular fitness, agility and upper body strength.

It’s also a great way to improve your reflexes, coordination and speed, according to fitness boxing gurus Punchfit Australia. It’s quite a high-intensity sport, and requires a lot of exertion from your body. You’ll certainly work up a sweat!

This may sound obvious, but giving a punching bag a good hit is also a great stress-reliever – so it could be perfect to schedule a class for the end of a stressful week! If you’d like to get in on the benefits of boxing as a fitness workout, you’ll need to invest in some quality gear. Top of the list should be the essential item of boxing gloves and hand wraps and if you’re training with a partner then some focus pads will soften the blow.!