Benefits of Suspension & Training with TRX Master Trainer Marin Lazic 

Benefits of Suspension & Training with TRX Master Trainer Marin Lazic 

Benefits of Suspension & Training with TRX Master Trainer Marin Lazic 


Marin Lazic, a national league water polo player, became one of three TRX master trainer in Australia, and now runs the TRX Training Sydney facility in Rozelle. Lazic talks to Inside Sport about the benefits of suspension training and an insight into the TRX way of doing thing.   

The TRX backstory is an interesting one: the gear was founded by a Navy SEAL, Randy Hetrick, who improvised a contraption while on deployment out of an old jujitsu belt and other parts he could find.  

 Shift, don’t lift 

“The concept that I think is still relatively new that we speak more about now is shifting the weight rather than lifting the weight. In any sport setting, a lot of the loads are usually coming from side rather than straight up or down, or vertical. Yet again, in the gym you do things where the forces are coming vertical. 

“If you want an overall sort of strength, I think the thing to focus on in upper body is doing push-pull. I’m a big believer in doing more pulling than pushing, because we are more forward dominant creatures. I like to recommend three to one pull-push ratio, just to balance out sitting in front of a computer, driving, et cetera.” 

 Controlled movements

“In terms of lower body, when you’re walking, running, it’s all single-leg stuff. Doing single-leg movements, when they’re symmetrical movements, I think you get more bang for your buck. And that’s what I recommend – minimal time invested to maximum results, you know. Single-leg squats, TRX lunges where your legs are suspended. 

“The beauty of TRX is even by doing a chest press; you’re actually do so much more, because you’ve got to balance. You’ve got to use your glutes, even though you’re doing push-ups, because if you don’t, you’ll be over the place. It does keep you honest. You have to keep your core engaged, because you’ll have energy leaks and it will slow you down. Focus on the movement, not the exercise.” 

 The TRX way

“I was very lucky to be involved with TRX and I got a call one year to go to head office in San Francisco. That’s where I met Randy and all of the TRX headquarters and the main players in that office. Randy being a Navy SEAL, everything sort of everything’s kind of acronym, the whole company’s built that Navy SEAL, army, systematised way.” 

“One thing Randy has done well is to bring to all the trainers to speak the same language. And you know, it makes sense – the whole idea was, if I’m describing a TRX exercise in San Francisco, you’re gonna have the same experience[everywhere]. One of the things that we do it at TRX is go to different summits, where all the master trainers meet. We just go through what’s new, what’s the latest research and just upskill.”