Kettlebell workout for runners

Kettlebell workout for runners

Kettlebell workout for runners


Kettlebells are great tool for adding dynamic stability training into your workout. Dynamic stability helps you keep balance as you move – a key skills for runners to train. Make sure you work within your limits and if you are new to exercise or have any health concerns speak to your doctor or healthcare provider before starting.

single leg deadlift

Kettlebell Dead Lift

  • Stand straight with a kettlebell in your right hand. Keep your stomach sucked in tight and your shoulders back
  • Plant your left leg into the ground, this leg is going to be your support on this side
  • The objective with this exercise is to have your right leg go back straight, while the front of your body comes down almost parallel to the ground, so without breaking the hips, slowly start leaning forward, allowing the weight t0 carry you down, while pushing the right leg back towards the wall behind you
  • Now slowly bring yourself back up to standing. You should be feeling this in your core, your left hamstring and your right glute
  • If you are struggling with this move, then a modification is to keep the ball of the right foot on the ground, so you are not completely balanced, but you still have that support. Then do the DL from this position as it will still give you a good hamstring workout on the left side

kettlebell lunge

Lunges with a Kettlebell

  • Stand up straight with your legs at shoulder width apart. Grab a kettlebell and hold it with both hands at your check height. Try to avoid resting your arms on your body. If you leave a gap for them in front of you, you will have the opportunity to work a little harder.
  • Now step forward with your right leg and go into a deep lunge. You will want your left knee to almost tap the floor
  • Push back on the right foot to standing

kettlebell swing

Kettlebell Swing

  • Stand straight with your feel slightly wider than shoulder width apart. Have your kettle bell of choice placed in front of you
  • Squat down and pick the kettle bell
  • Suck your stomach in, roll your shoulders back
  • Now bend your knees while pushing your butt back towards the back wall of the room. Allow the kettlebell to swing towards the back wall as you do this
  • Now at the same time, swing your arms forward, stand up straight, squeeze your glutes and suck in your stomach, allowing the kettlebell to swing forward
  • As it starts to swing back again, bent into your squat position once more and do the entire move again until you finish all of your reps