Master the Bands with TRX Master Trainer Marin Lazic

Master the Bands with TRX Master Trainer Marin Lazic

Master the Bands with TRX Master Trainer Marin Lazic


Fast becoming a ubiquitous sight in gyms everywhere, TRX bands have caught on as a simple, yet surprisingly deep system for working out. Marin Lazic, a national league water polo player and TRX master trainer, explains to Inside Sport how to get started on the bands.

Why hang
“I was born in Serbia, where water polo is one of the main sports. I started as a swimmer, but as a young guy got pretty bored following the black line. I was fortunate to play two junior world champs for New Zealand and 253 national league games for Balmain Tigers.”

“Playing water polo, I did a whole traditional thing that in the offseason, you go into the gym and you do your traditional movements, such as bench press, squats, deadlifts. And what I found is—every season or offseason—I was getting really strong in the gym, putting on size, I was hitting all the goals in the gym, and when it came to the season playing, nothing really changed.”

Sport conditioning
Lazic first discovered TRX while watching YouTube. “It wasn’t until I actually came across a YouTube video and watched an ice hockey player train using Swiss balls and TRX. He was doing all these crazy rotational-type movements which sort of looked like water polo, so I started playing with that. From there, I got introduced to TRX.

“The first time I did a TRX chest press, I was just all over the place. I just couldn’t do it. And it was just really weird how I could consider myself so strong, yet I couldn’t do a body-weight suspension exercise. That made me really curious and I went down the whole changing the way how I train, the functional training way.”

Strap in
“It’s definitely a tool that, as a personal trainer, it has made my life so much easier. In a group training, I could have an NRL player alongside someone that’s either just starting the fitness journey or they might be carrying an injury. And the reason why is this tool is so versatile.

“A lot of fitness tools in the industry; we’re always trying to make things harder. You always trying to make things more challenging, trying to impress people. With TRX, they can do all that sort of stuff. But you can also de-load your body weight—and one of the things that we really believe in, we want to teach you how to move well first before we load your body.”