What is F45?

What is F45?

What is F45?


F45 is functional group training that encourages participants through innovative exercises that result in body transformations in as little as 12 weeks.

The F stands for functional and the 45 is how long the class runs for. Exercises are divided into 45 second intervals with 15 second rest periods.

It’s the fastest growing exercise class globally with more than 400 studios transforming bodies across Australia and new studios are opening all the time. Chances are, you may even bump into a celebrity since it’s now the ‘in’ thing for getting fit fast. Names like Hugh Jackman, Neighbour’s Olympia Valance, Nicole Ritchie and Ricky Martin have been spotted at studios.

You won’t find F45 at your local gym, it’s a boutique fitness studio.

What makes F45 any different is that there are no power-lifting or mind-boggling foot work that combines arm movements. So it doesn’t matter if you can’t grapevine or alternate high knees while raising opposite hands like you’d be expected to do in a dance or combat class. These are functional exercises which will help with everyday activities. For example squats, help strengthen the muscles that you use to get up off the chair or the toilet.

Don’t worry if you’re not normally athletic, your group will be encouraging you to push harder and there’s always a lot of high fiving when you complete your session.

With more than 1000 full body exercises of strength and cardio, so each workout is a surprise, which is believed to be one of the big reason F45-ers keep coming back. That combined with the amazing results and killer soundtrack of course. Expect to do skipping, rowing, box jumps, planks, jump squats, mountain climbers and burpees, just to name a few.

The workout has been described as brutal, but it is designed for anyone and up to the individual how hard or fast they work out during each 45-second interval. In the end, the harder you work out the better your results at the end of the day.

You’ll need:

Make sure you arrive a little earlier if you are a first timer to give yourself time to fill out paperwork and your trainer can be made aware of any injuries you are carrying.

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