What is slacklining?

What is slacklining?

What is slacklining?


Ever fancied being a circus acrobat as a child or an Olympic gymnast ? Then Slackline fitness, also known as yogalining could be a dream come true.

Slacklining is similar to tightrope walking  and consists of doing exercises on a narrow line of webbing, only low to the ground. Like a tightrope, it’s tied between two secure points-tree trunks or fence posts-even between your treadmill and the kitchen table.

In addition to the obvious benefit of improving your balance, core, slackline fitness will increase lower body strength, give you glutes of steel and hone your concentration. You need to focus on each movement with precision to avoid getting a case of the wobbles and toppling over.

If you’re good at balancing, slacklining may come easy to you. If you have problems remaining vertical most of the time just on two feet and are uncoordinated, you should probably start out slow by practicing just balancing on the webbing for as long as you can. Once you improve your balance, you can progress to walking lunges and other tricks.

Celebrities like Jennifer Lopez have got on the Slackline fitness bandwagon under the guidance of Gunnar Peterson.

If you wish to participate in Yogalining or Slackercise, or even just learn the correct techniques from Slackline Australia. Of course if you’re going to try slacklining, you’ll need comfortable shoes and – you’ll find everything you need at rebel.