What is ZUU?

What is ZUU?

What is ZUU?


ZUU is the brain child of Aussie, Nathan Helberg. Essentially it is a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workout. HIIT has been around for donkey’s ages, only this time it comes with a twist – an animal twist.  ZUU is touted one of the most intensive workouts around; a workout  so challenging that it was initially intended for frontline troops. But with it’s primal animal moves which involve slithering like an iguana and swinging your arms like an hyperactive gorilla. Of course, you feel a little silly, but that’s part of the appeal. You’ll take it more seriously once you start to gasp for oxygen and muscle fatigue sets in.

The idea behind it was to create a training regime that didn’t involve pumping iron or going to the gym to use weight machines — but achieve elite conditioning, by burning body fat and creating lean muscle. The workout initially gained popularity with elite athletes, tactical police and the armed forces, so they could train without needing to be at a gym.

A 30-minute training session will get the heart pumping and over time you will start to become more agile, increasing your mobility, build muscle and fitness levels.

ZUU isn’t for everyone. It’s hard, but rewarding. If you have back problems or heart issues, like with all exercise regimes, you should consult a medical professional for check up before commencing training. For those who enjoy lifting weights, Iron ZUU—a variant of the workout— has a 50/50 mix of weights and functional training.

If you’re looking for a change from Crossfit and want to monkey around while still getting fit, you can find the nearest ZUU instructor (or should we say ZUU Keeper?) by clicking here.

Don’t forget to wear comfortable activewear that moves with your body and footwear with cushioning to reduce impact on your joints when unleashing your inner Kermit (One class and you’ll know all about those frog leaps).