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How to climb a wall


Hey guys, Andrew Pap here, your Rebel Insider for obstacle training.

When confronted with a wall obstacle, there’s a few things you need to consider – the height of the obstacle and your individual capability. Are you able to run, bound over it, jump and land safely, or do you need assistance from somebody else?

You may want to attempt climbing the larger walls with a partner. Have the first person seated with a 90 degree bend in the knees, with their back facing the wall and hands flat facing up on their lower thigh towards the knee. Place either foot on top of your partner’s hands which act like a step and grab the top of the wall with both hands. Once your hands make contact, your partner will begin to stand while pushing their hands upwards against your foot for an extra boost.

Running at the wall, you must leap, jumping off one foot, while placing the other foot on the wall. At the same time, reach out in front of you with both hands and grab the top of the wall. Once hanging, use your feet and upper body strength to get your hips up to the top. Either place one leg over the top of the wall holding onto the top for stability. Throw your last leg over and safely lower yourself to the other side.

Or use your upper and lower body strength to push yourself up to the top. When your hips reach the top of the wall, literally flip over the top and land safely on your feet, or into an action roll.