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Khans HIIT boxing workout


Always consult with a doctor or Healthcare Provider before starting a new exercise program 

What you need

You will need a dumbbell, the weight of which you can set to suit your current strength needs and some boxing mitts and a set of focus pads which you and your partner will swap between each round. You’ll also need a stop watch to time how long it takes you, so that if you do the workout again you can monitor how much you improve each time.


This workout involves performing three exercises in a circuit as fast as possible, alternating rounds with a partner until you complete 10 rounds each.

These exercises are

  • 10 alternating arm DB snatches
  • 30 upper cuts
  • 30 body weight squats


The DB snatch involves using the hips and legs to move the dumbbell from the ground to over head in one smooth motion.

Keeping the spine neutral, bend to the floor and then use the legs to propel the dumbbell, up. Be sure to keep the dumbbell close to the body, lifting the elbow as high as possible before turning it over and punching it up over head.

Lower the dumbbell and the swap arms before repeating until you complete 10 total reps, 5 per arm.

The upper cut requires your partner to hold some punching pads for you as you swing your arms in an upward motion to strike the pads, alternating left and right arms.

The body weight squat is performed with the feet slightly outside hip width apart. Keeping the chest proud, send the hips backwards and lower yourself until the crease of your hip passes below the knees.

Be sure to keep outward tension on your knees throughout the movement keep your chest. Lastly make are your weight is in your mid foot with your heels firmly on the ground.