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How to climb a rope


Hey guys, Andrew Pap here, your Rebel Insider for obstacle training. Today, we’re going to focus on how to climb a rope. When climbing a rope, most people have an understanding that it’s all upper body strength, but actually, it’s really about using your lower body, your bigger muscles to drive you up.

You want to save your upper body strength for later obstacles to come. Place the rope on the inside of your right knee and on the outside of your right foot. At the same time, using your core, slide your feet as high as possible, crouching into a small ball. Once the rope is in place – on top of the right foot, your left foot will lock it in by stepping on top of your left foot. Now you’re locked. You’ll push through your legs, and use your hands to work, pulling yourself up until your legs are fully extended. Repeat until you reach the top.

Dismounting correctly is just as important. You do not want to fall or cause friction to your hands or legs when sliding down. Simply manipulate your feet back into the locked position, and control your descent by slightly releasing the top foot, to allow the rope to slide between your feet.