How to train for your first obstacle race – 12 week program

How to train for your first obstacle race – 12 week program


How to train for your first obstacle race – 12 week program


This program has been formulated to give anyone a sound structure and format to follow in preparation for
their next obstacle racing event. From beginner to experienced, all will learn, understand and improve as they
progress through the program. If you are new to exercise or have any health concerns please discuss this with your doctor or healthcare provider before starting a new training program.
This is a general guide to help understand the fundamentals of what’s involved in training and completing an
obstacle specific event. It may be necessary to modify below sessions/exercises if you don’t have access to
equipment or facilities. I do however recommend investing in correct footwear and a smart watch.

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Warming up

Ensure you have a sufficient system that’s specific to your needs and to the session. You may
have a problem area that needs particular attention or weaknesses that you need to focus on building.

Ensure your warm up includes the following key points:
• Low impact aerobic exercise: lift the heart rate, engage all muscles and aim to sweat.
• Dynamic movements: move your body through all ranges to prepare for the specifics of the session or
loosen up problem areas.
• Muscle activation: ensure the correct muscles are fired up and ready to work. Gain muscle memory and
learn to prevent your body from overcompensating in the wrong areas.

Fitness Test

Hang test (over grasp) for time.
• Max 80m interval runs (15mins) – repeat over 15mins
• Max burpees and hand release push ups in one minute and plank for max time
• Kettlebell thrusters, squats, dead lifts, lunges (each lasting 1 min) – required to reach maximum
reps of particular weight
* Kettlebell weight: 16kg (females) & 24kgs (males) *Squat/deadlift: 40% of 1RM *Step ups: 30” box (both feet must contact
top and floor)

*Maintain perfect form, don’t sacrifice form for speed. *5min rest between exercises.