Strengthen your mind, strengthen your body

Strengthen your mind, strengthen your body

Strengthen your mind, strengthen your body


Strong mind, strong body. It’s not just a cliché – honing the mind-body connection is actually key to reaching the fitness goals you’re after. That’s something model, entrepreneur, and fitness enthusiast Karlie Kloss knows quite a bit about.

“Physical training works in tandem with mental training,” says Kloss. “Both mind and body goals require dedication, commitment and patience – once you set your mind to something, you can conquer and overcome any obstacle in sight,” says Kloss. Here, her tips for how to do just that.

Make it a team effort

Whether it’s a fitness-related goal (run a 10K, nail Crow Pose in yoga), a career-related one, or something else altogether, you’d be wise to enlist the help of others. “We all have to come together to support each other to be the best versions of ourselves,” says Kloss. That could mean joining a running group or dancing.

But outside of the fitness realm, collaboration can be the key to succeeding in your career and life goals. Sign up for a class in something – anything – that interests you. For Kloss, that was coding. And once she learned to code, she was inspired to start her Kode with Klossy platform to create new learning opportunities for other women interested in learning how to code. “The impact we can make collectively can far exceed what one person can do,” says Kloss.

Master the basics

“In athletic training, once you master the foundations of strength training, your body is able to accomplish anything from a headstand to running a marathon.” This can translate to other areas of life as well from your job to your hobbies like photography, cooking, etc. For Kloss, she quickly found that learning how to code is a commitment. But if you’re up for the challenge, it pays off: “Once you learn the basic foundation of skills, you have the power to create extraordinary things,” she says.

Put it on paper

“I always write down my goals, both weekly and long term, to make sure that I am achieving something each day and getting one step closer to my ideal end result,” says Kloss. “Visualizing a goal on paper makes it easier for me to accomplish it in real time – when I check something off my to-do list, that’s a reward in itself,” she says. Whether you write it on actual paper or make a list in your phone, the positive effect will be the same.

Treat yo’self

“If I have a very productive week at work and in my training, I’ll treat myself to a relaxing day to rejuvenate my mind and body to accomplish the next set of goals,” says Kloss. Book a massage, a manicure, or something else that you enjoy once you accomplish a mini-goal.

Pass on the strength

Teach a friend your dance cardio skills, offer to take your new-to-working-out co-worker through a strength training routine you do all the time, show someone how you meal prep for the week. However you do it, pass on your own skills to others. “I think it’s crucial to use your strengths and passions to bring people together and empower each other to create positive change in our world,” says Kloss.

Make time for your favorite workouts

Maybe your goal is running-related but you really love Pilates. Make time for that too! “It’s important for me to incorporate physical training in my everyday routine so I stay on time, on track, and focused every moment of the day,” says Kloss. “And it works the other way around too: “I find that my head is clearer and I’m more focused when I set my mind towards completing a tough physical challenge and breaking a sweat.”

Article and images courtesy of Adidas/Caitlin Carson