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Suspension training full body workout


Always consult with your doctor or Healthcare provider before starting a new exercise regime.

Exercise 1: Suspension push pUp

Suspension push ups add a little extra intensity to the traditional push up, making your muscles work a lot harder as you stabilise throughout the movement.

Choose your intensity level by working either closer, or further from the anchor point. In this exercise, working closer under the anchor point will feel more difficult, while working further from the anchor point will feel easier.  Move with control as you lower your chest between your hands, your knuckles should face forward.

If you are struggling to balance, widen your stance and keep bracing your core.

Exercise 2: Suspension skater

Now we’re going to add a little cardio element to the workout. Suspension skaters will get that heart pumping and your whole body firing.

This exercise again can be modified to suit beginners through to advanced.

You have the option to drop the back foot to the ground as you move from side to side, or keep the back foot lifted as you land to increase the intensity.

To build power, push up from the heel of your front foot. Control your momentum by letting your knees bend as you land. Build up speed as you begin to feel confident in your form.

Exercise 3: Squat row

An excellent full body exercise that starts in your lower body and works up through the upper back, chest and core. Perfect for correcting a slumped posture.

Begin in a standing position facing the anchor point of your suspension trainer.

Make sure your feet are hip-width apart as you lower down into the squat position, bracing your core and engaging those hamstrings and glutes.

Push up through the heels as you return to standing position. Your body should be in one straight line, bracing your core and using your back and arm muscles to row yourself up until your hands are beside your chest.

Stay controlled as you lower yourself back to your starting position.

Exercise 4: Suspension climbers

These Suspension climbers are an excellent ‘cardio core’ combo, adding a little extra intensity.

Start in a strong plank position. Bracing your core, keep your glutes tight and shoulders in line with your wrist. Draw one knee towards your chest whilst keeping the opposite leg straight . Alternate legs. Build your speed, to increase intensity.

Exercise 5: Suspended lunges

This exercise is great for strengthening your glutes, improving your balance and stabilisation through your core.

Begin in a standing position facing away from the anchor point. One foot is suspended in both foot cradles, flexing at the ankle to ensure your foot is secure.

Brace that core as you drop your hips down and back into a deep lunge. Drop down until your knee is bent at a 90 degree angle. Don’t let that knee go over the toes, drive up from the heel and keep your chest lifted throughout.