The benefits of kettlebell training

The benefits of kettlebell training

The benefits of kettlebell training


The benefits of Kettlebell training

Kettlebells have been around since the early 20th century but have grown in popularity with the rise of functional fitness  training programs.  Traditionally shaped like a cannon ball with a handle on it, the kettlebells unique shape allows for a host of strength and conditioning workouts.

Kettlebells are great for fat loss
Using a kettlebell correctly means multiple muscles are working together; this is known as a compound move. The more muscles that are worked together the more calories burned – makes sense when you think about it.

Use Kettlebells to shake up your cardio workout 
If you’re not a fan of repetitive cardio exercise like running or cycling then using a kettlebell can be an great way to get your heart rate up. Try setting up a mini kettlebell circuit with a light to medium weight kettlebell and focus on repetitions instead of weight.

Kettlebells are great for improving coordination
The variety of different movements trains the body to become more agile and improves stability.  The “ Get Up” is an infamous kettle bell move that requires lots of coordination, balance and stability – try it for yourself.

Kettlebells come in a variety of shapes, weights and sizes
you can select the weight to suit you just the same as you can with dumbbells and other free weights.  Check out the kettlebell range, you can start out light or use a range of different kettlebells to train different body parts.