The CrossFit Games Open is here

The CrossFit Games Open is here

The CrossFit Games Open is here


The CrossFit Games Open is the biggest event every year in the international CrossFit Games season.

The Open involves five fitness tests conducted over five weeks, and can be judged at almost any CrossFit gym around the world, or by submitting a video online.

The event is open to anyone, anywhere in the world with access to a gym or gym equipment, making it one of the most widespread fitness tests around the world.

Unlike many other sports in which the elite are separated from the everyday, recreational athletes, even the best CrossFitters in the world have to compete in The Open if they want to participate in the CrossFit Games. This allows fans of the sport, or anyone who thinks they’re in good shape, to pitch their fitness skills against any athlete in the world.

The Open offers both scaled and advanced workouts, meaning anyone, no matter what their fitness level can take part. Last year I was able to compete side by side in every workout, alongside my 61-year-old father, who had been doing CrossFit for just over a month. This is the beauty of The Open.

It also offers hundreds of thousands of fitness enthusiasts around the world a goal to work towards each year and a chance to see how they stack up against people anywhere in the world.

However the best part of The Open is the way it brings the global CrossFit Community together. Gyms hold big parties and events with other gyms. Athletes travel all over the world to throwdown with each other, and the world stops to watch some of the best go head-to-head, live streamed every week.

Watching the people I coach put everything on the line for those five weeks is my absolute favorite time of year!