The must-have app for all fitness instructors

The must-have app for all fitness instructors

The must-have app for all fitness instructors


Whether you’re a group fitness, yoga or boot camp instructor, your clients depend on you to be at the top of your game. Sick days equal frustrated clients and even loss of income. But what if there was an easier way to find cover when you’ve woken up with the head cold from hell or need a mental health day?

Subaclass is a revolutionary app that lets you find a suitable substitute personal trainer with a few simple taps of your smartphone. There’s no need to flick through your contacts list or post in social media groups in the hope one of your fitness-type friends can fill in for you at short notice.

It also doubles as a useful way for fitness instructors to network with others working in the same industry, and get extra classes if they’re looking to boost their income.

The app is free and signing up is a breeze with one-click accessibility through Facebook (if that’s your preference). You enter the particulars of the class, whereabouts, rate and hit ‘Find Me a Sub’ button which sends push notifications to within 50kms of the class location. App users within that region will get notifications such as Zumba® or F45 or CrossFit. Within seconds, they can be connected with suitable fitness professionals.

Subaclass can be used worldwide, so it doesn’t matter if you are on a working holiday in New York City or on walkabout across Australia with no fixed abode, you can easily connect with fitness individuals and pick up some work at a local gym (Make sure you have the correct visas when you’re not on Aussie soil).

Before you book your next holiday or lace up your trainers when you’re feeling like death, reach for Subaclass.. It will literally save your life and your sanity. Available free for Apple and Android.