The skipping rope workout

The skipping rope workout

The skipping rope workout


Hear the word skipping rope, and no doubt your mind goes straight back to your school days and playing ‘I had a little motorcar in 1964…’ and various other skipping rhymes. However skipping rope can be a great workout for all ages and there’s no need to spend lots of money on equipment. All you need is a skipping rope and a timer. Of course, you’ll need comfortable clothes and good supportive shoes. You will also require a flat, firm surface.

Start out by warming up.  Slowly roll your shoulders forwards 10 times, and backwards 10 times. Do 10 torso twists (this is like pretending you are a washing machine agitator and twisting from side to side). Next alternative between high knee raises, and lower your arms so you can touch your knee with the opposite elbow. Now you’re almost ready to pick up your skipping rope, but first, imagine you are skipping with an invisible rope. This will help you warm up your body without tripping yourself up. Start out with 10 reps of each without the rope.

  • 10 x jumps with both feet
  • 10 x heel tap
  • 10 x scissors (Alternating one leg forward, one leg back)
  • 10 x cross arms

Now you’re ready to pick up your rope.

  • 50 x jumps with both feet. (If this is too easy, attempt a double turn of the rope, so the skipping rope travels around your body once with one jump. This requires jumping high, pulling your knees up and having lightening fast arm movements).
  • 50 x scissor jumps
  • 50 x heel taps
  • 50 x ski jumps (As if you are slalom skiing)

Don’t forget to cool down by stretching out.