The top 5 fitness trends to try in 2016

The top 5 fitness trends to try in 2016

The top 5 fitness trends to try in 2016


Rebels Fitness Insider Tanya share her insights into the hottest fitness trends for 2016.

Aerial Yoga
Swing, float and fly. Aerial yoga is one of the most relaxing yet thrilling forms of exercise you will ever do. It’s a new type of yoga that uses a fabric hammock to guide you through a gravity-defying flow, with your own body weight as resistance to help strengthen, lengthen, and improve your yoga postures. It is also great for anyone with back issues. As you hang freely, your back opens up and any compression in your spine is reduced. If you like yoga for its relaxing qualities, then you’re in for a treat. You’ll find there is nothing quite like a floating savasana.

Functional Training
Functional training is one of the latest buzz words in the fitness industry. Known for its dynamic and compound movements, functional training is deemed one of the most effective methods to get your body conditioned and prepared for daily life.

It is a style of training first adopted by physiotherapists to help balance out the body’s movements and allow the body to function more efficiently to prevent, reduce, and rehabilitate injury.

The exercises within functional training aim to get the muscles working together through both fast and slow controlled multijoint movements. Its aim is not only to strengthen and build muscle but to increase range of motion. There are more and more functional classes at gyms around Australia, and most bootcamps have a functional element.

Fitness Retreats
Health, fitness and travel — what more could you want in life? Fast becoming popular travel destinations, many fitness retreats use some of the planet’s most spectacular  backdrops — Bali, Maldives, Hawaii and Greece, to name a few. Whatever your fitness preferences, chances are there is a retreat for you, with activities such as yoga, boxing, meditation, surfing, mixed bootcamps or even CrossFit. With a combination of sunshine, training and fun, it’s the perfect way to reignite your passion for fitness and help you keep on track with your goals in 2016.

Ready to train like a beast in 2016? A Zuu-style workout may be just for you. By imitating the movements of wild animals, Zuu develops flexibility and endurance and provides a great cardio workout. With moves like gorilla, frog and iguana, this dynamic Australian regime will help you get in touch with your wild side through the use of primal movement. The best thing is that it requires little to no equipment. You can try a Zuu class in gyms/centres around Australia or incorporate some Zuu-inspired moves into your home training.

Fitness Media

As we turn toward technology in most areas of our lives, it seems natural that our fitness and training turn in that direction also. Thanks to the Web and smartphone technology, we now have access to millions of workouts in our pockets wherever we go. They are available via video streaming, downloadable PDF guides, and fitness/workout applications on your phone. This technology has removed any excuse for you to not work out! There is a workout for any occasion. No equipment, no space, no time? No excuses! If you travel for work or are a busy stay-at-home mum or a struggling student, use YouTube, Instagram, or your app store to find workouts and programs to suit you.