Treadmill Safety 101: How to avoid getting injured

Treadmill Safety 101: How to avoid getting injured

Treadmill Safety 101: How to avoid getting injured


It only takes a momentary lapse in concentration and you may find yourself the subject of a viral video treading on YouTube. Walking or running on a treadmill seems like a pretty easy concept. Get on, select a programme and press start. But if you’re a beginner working out on a treadmill you’re not overly familiar with, it’s all too easy to put a foot wrong.

Wear shoes at all times
For health and safety reasons, most gyms don’t allow bare feet. Shoes prevent your toes and feet from getting caught in the belt of the treadmill. They also act as shock absorbers and reduce the impact on ankles knees and hips. By going barefoot you may be at risk to serious injury.

Concentrate on what you are doing
It’s all too easy to be distracted when you’re a treadmill. You may be paying attention to what’s on TV, fast forwarding to the next song on your playlist or chatting on the phone. Lack of concentration can result in falls. An increase in speed when it’s least expected can send you flying, especially if you’re not used to running.

Let go of the handrails
In the event you are flung off the treadmill, having an iron-clad grip on the rails can increase your chances of bruised knees, scrapes and strained arm muscles should you fall. It’s better to embrace your destiny and slide off backwards than to hang on for dear life.

Secure loose objects
Ensure your loose objects such as your smartphone, gym towel or water bottle are secure in designated compartments. The movement of the treadmill makes cause objects during exercise to become a hazard if they fall and trip you.

Give yourself space
If you have a treadmill at home, don’t have it tucked away in the corner. You’ll need a good amount of clearance to avoid major injuries from knocking your head against a wall.