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Treadmill training workouts


Always consult a Doctor or Healthcare provider before starting a new exercise program.

The first exercise is based on Intervals. Its actually really simple to understand. It consists of a high intensity period  followed by a low intensity period.

Obviously you need a few minutes to warm up, running at a moderate pace for at least 3 min will do the job. The warm up is important to increase blood flow and oxygen to the muscle before it has to perform under load.

To start with a great ratio is 1 min High intensity and 2min Low. This is so your body has time in between intervals to calm down. Your heart rate can drop and your breathing will lower. The rest is important so your body can create more energy ready so its ready for a big burst.

The High Intensity Intervals need to be you pushing yourself as hard as your are comfortable push so that your legs will use explosive power to burn up energy. The Low intensity is to be very slow, you still should be moving for circulation but the main purpose is for your body to recover and prepare itself for the next interval.

Exercise 2, Lunging on the treadmill is a great way to use the treadmill differently and in some way more effectively. Using correct technique, set the treadmill on a moderate walking pace. Then from a walking action move into a lunge. Remember when you are lunging that your front knee shouldn’t go past your toes and your back knee should end up about an inch from the ground. At all time your upper should be upright and with good posture your body will recruit the correct muscle to do the workout.

If you’re doing it correctly you will feel it in your thighs and glutes.

Exercise 3 – Incline power walking. Power walking has been proven over and over again as a great method for burning fat. What you need to be focusing on is to be just sweating a little bit but not breathing heavy because you want you body to be using up stored energy but not using oxygen for energy. Understanding your treadmill and its settings are really important so you are able to make changes as you go along if needed. Set the treadmill to a steady walking pace. As you find a comfortable speed you can then increase the incline of the treadmill slowly. When you have found a comfortable incline position that’s when you need to focus on your walking. Make sure your posture is upright and that you are walking with purpose. You want to make sure your legs and glutes are doing all the hard work. If you are starting to feel burnt out, its really simple, all you have to do is decrease the incline to flat again and maybe slow down the speed. When you feel like you have recovered you can then repeat the same incline period. As you do it more and more you will find that your time on step incline will increase. This exercise burns up a lot of energy so make sure your fuel up properly before and after your workout. Having water on hand is very important as you will sweat a lot.


The key to this workout is your walking intensity to get the best results.