Two movements to improve your ‘Muscle-Up   

Two movements to improve your ‘Muscle-Up  

Two movements to improve your ‘Muscle-Up  


The muscle-up for many fitness enthusiasts is the pinnacle of gymnastics movements.

Though a pretty basic concept for an adept gymnast, taking oneself from hanging directly below a set of rings to locked out above them can be quite the task for an average gym goer.

Here’s two movements to help build the strength needed to tick the muscle-up off your movement wish list.

1. Chest to ring strict pull ups
Performed like a regular strict pull up, the athlete starts at a dead hang below the rings and then using their arms and back, pulls themselves up until their chest makes contact with the rings.

Pulling the chest to the rings increases the range of motion and gets the athlete’s body nice and high, as they will need to do to execute the muscle-up. Athletes can scale this movement by using a band for assistance.

2. Negative Low Ring Dip
The low ring dip is a test of strength, mobility and stability, all of which are essential for the muscle up particularly in the shoulder region,

Have the athlete start with their arms locked out above the rings, as if they were about to perform a regular dip. Most athletes will catch their muscle-up in a low dip position, so suggest the athlete lower themselves until their shoulders are below their wrists if possible, pause then drive up back to the starting position.

If the athlete lacks the strength to dip out of the bottom have them perform a negative, lowering themselves to the bottom of the dip and then standing back up.