A day in the gym with Khan Porter

A day in the gym with Khan Porter

A day in the gym with Khan Porter


Though my training volume fluctuates from time to time, when I’m in full time training my day-to-day routine looks fairly similar in terms of what I work on. The following is a typical training day and will form the basis for my next 12 months of training for the 2017 CrossFit Games season.

Session 1 – Warm Up

Part 1 – Range Of Motion Workout Of the Day (ROMWOD)

ROMWOD is a website offering daily yoga and stretching routines via video ranging from 15-45 minutes. I use this as general stretching and mobility, a good way to prepare my joints for the session to come

Part 2 – Monostructural Endurance

I use endurance intervals to warm up before each session. These intervals are controlled and designed to be difficult, but manageable without burning me out for rest ofthe session. This session is generally 15-30 minutes long and uses rowers, assault bike, ski Ergs and running or simple movements like burpees and double unders.

Part 3 – Accessory Work

This part of the workout is a combination of bodybuilding and strength movements that don’t use large muscle groups.

For example:

  • 4 x 10 seated dumbbell press
  • 10 ring rows with a pause

Followed by

  • 200m plate pinch carry

Session 2 – Lifting and Skill Work

Part 1 – Weightlifting

I work on my Olympic weightlifting movements; the snatch, clean and jerk and accessory movements designed to help me improve snatch pulls or overhead squats.

I vary between classic weight training routines such as 6×3 power snatches and more CrossFit specific weightlifting such as an Every Minute On the Minute (EMOM) where I am lifting under fatigue.

Part 2 – Strength Training

I usually work on some variation of a squat, deadlift or press. I typically squat twice a week, deadlift once and press once. It consists of between 3-6 sets of 1-10 reps at a pre-determined percentage.

Part 3 – Skill Work

I use EMOMs to work on my gymnastic and skill based movements such as muscle ups, rope climbs, handstand walks and handstand pushups; grouped with movements that either elevate my heart rate or taxes the muscle groups I use to perform the skill movements, so I can work on them under fatigue.

Session 3 – CrossFit Conditioning

Part 1 – X

This session includes several typical CrossFit workouts – the type that would be likely to come up in a competition such as The Open, Regionals or The Games. This could be one longer workout (20min or over) or several short workouts.