Josh Kennedy: My game day routine

Josh Kennedy: My game day routine

Josh Kennedy: My game day routine


Sydney Swans midfielder Josh Kennedy has the experience to know how you prepare nutritionally and mentally for a big game.  Kennedy also takes Inside Sport through his post-game routine, which will then aid his preparation as the elite level cycle of a professional athlete continues.

 Don’t over eat

“Due to travelling so much, I try to be quite flexible with meal plans as you can’t always control what’s on the menu or how it is cooked. However, generally speaking I am a big porridge man and green smoothies on game day.

“That would be it for a day game, but for a night game I’ll definitely need to fit another meal in—so something with rice and vegetables would certainly suffice.”

Don’t play the game in your head

“Mental preparation is a huge part of the game and often underrated. Having said that I believe a lot of it comes from knowing you’ve done the work during the week and weeks prior.

“If you are satisfied with the work you’ve put in, then it’s very much about trying to stay in the moment—not wasting too much energy playing the game in your head too many times before the ball is bounced.”

Warn down properly

“Recovery is very important and could differ depending on any issues that may have arisen from a game. However I think it is really important to make sure you warm down properly after the game.

“ I will tend to do some light movement (walking or on a bike) to slow my heart rate and ease out of high intensity work, followed by the necessary steps to shut down – ie, Ice bags, ice baths.”

Josh Kennedy is a New Balance ambassador and wears the Furon Pro