Josh Kennedy: Recover quicker and smarter

Josh Kennedy: Recover quicker and smarter

Josh Kennedy: Recover quicker and smarter


Sydney Swans midfielder, Josh Kennedy gives Inside Sport some advice on injury recovery, how to get match fit after an injury and also the importance on the right footwear as a preventative measure.

Injury Recovery

“Getting injured is terrible and can put you back weeks.  You need to ensure you do everything right off the field to make your come back as smooth as possible.  Advice from a physio is crucial and you must complete all your rehab.  Make sure you are always getting the necessary treatment done with your physio.

“Probably the biggest thing for any athlete is staying on top of what you eat. Don’t let yourself down with eating fatty foods because you aren’t playing.”

Getting match sharp

“The key here is to train at as close to match intensity as you can… for as long as you can.  That might be through match simulation drills or even drills such as handballs games in which you really want to set yourself to go flat-out!

“It’s important to be smart though and listen to physio advice.  I think staying positive with your rehab and progress is also critical.”

Find the right boot

“First and foremost, I look for comfortable boots with plenty of cushioning. From there you want a light weight, durable boot that will get you through four quarters. A big thing for me personally is the technology behind the boots, that way I know that a lot of planning and thought has gone into them.

“The New Balance Visaro and Furon’s have been able to provide me all of the above over the years.”

Josh Kennedy is a New Balance ambassador and wears the Furon Pro