Josh Kennedy: Train to Win!

Josh Kennedy: Train to Win!

Josh Kennedy: Train to Win!


Aussie Rules is physically demanding on players of all levels.  Swans experienced midfielder Josh Kennedy talks to Inside Sport about how elite teams train and how he personally unwinds…

The hard work is in the off-season

“I think, like with most sports, pre-season is the toughest time to train. In the summer heat we are doing most of our training and conditioning, which is very hard work. We will also work on new game plans and strategy to use for the upcoming year.
“Then throughout the year it is just about maintaining that conditioning, looking after your body to prevent injuries, and making sure we are still implementing all of our game plans from the start of the year.”

Improve with every session

“We will usually train 4 days a week.  The first 3 will normally be where we will look to implement game plans, work on things from previous games and plan a strategy for our upcoming opponents.
“The 4th session will be closer to game day, which is usually just 40 minutes of touch and movement. This can change if we have to fly interstate, where we will have to travel and train on the same day.”

Family down time important

“Relaxing for me is with my family. Having a wife and a little boy at home and not being around all the time is tough sometimes, especially when you are travelling every second week. So any spare time I have, I spend with them.

“I love heading back to my wife’s hometown of Colombia in the off-season to catch up with all of her family. I also don’t mind fitting in a game of golf with the boys when I can.”

Josh Kennedy is a New Balance ambassador and wears the Furon Pro