Nathan Jones: On my training regime

Nathan Jones: On my training regime

Nathan Jones: On my training regime


Inside Sport speaks to Melbourne Football Club Captain, Nathan Jones, to get an insight into his personal and team training regime.

What does an average day of training look like for you?
On an average day, I arrive at the club around 7.30am for a training briefing and opposition analysis before moving into our training preparation. Then we break out into training groups based on our on-field positions, e.g. midfield, backline and forwards.  The morning session lasts about 2.5 hours and focusses on physical and tactical training for the upcoming match day.

We break for lunch before heading into three afternoon rotations.  A gym session, which includes a combination of strength and power exercises.  Football education sessions on game plan and tactics and treatment/recovery which includes physio/massage sessions and pool recovery.

Do you have any favourite parts of your training? 
These days, training is very well planned around specific things we need to work on to help get the four points come the weekend.  My favourite part of training is when we get into more of the match simulation type drills, because when you are training certain plays or set-ups over and over and finally see it work out in our favour on the weekend; you know what you are training to do is working and worth it.

How many days per week do you train when you have a game at the weekend? 
Depending on the amount of days between games we generally train or at the club in some capacity every day, except the player day off on Tuesday. The first half of the week after the game is generally recovery, reviews, and getting going again physically. Then the second half of the week we transition into training, preparing and sharping up for that weekend’s game.

How does training differ throughout the season?
Pre-season is obviously the bulk of our fitness based training, and then throughout the year it is just about maintaining that fitness base.  Throughout the week we will have one or two heavy sessions full of drills, running and match day specific drills and then have a few lighter days to let our bodies recover.  We have gym sessions daily and take part in lots of recovery (massage, treatment and ice baths).

How do you relax outside of training/match days?
I will try and spend most my time with my wife and daughter, due to the fact that throughout most of the year we are pretty busy. As soon as I get the chance, I’m down the coast surfing, going for a skate and of late, have enjoyed a bit of photography when I get the time.