Phil Jones: “I’d happily take the red card”

Phil Jones: “I’d happily take the red card”

Phil Jones: “I’d happily take the red card”


The Manchester United and England defender, Phil Jones gives amateur defenders a few tips on when a striker is through on goal. The Premier League centre-back talks to FourFourTwo

You’re trying to get back to stop a striker from getting through on goal – what do you do?

“It depends on the game situation. If we’re winning 2-1, I’ll quite happily make a foul and take the red card. We’ll probably win the game, so I think that’s a sacrifice worth taking.

“But if we’re 3-0 up and he’s one-on-one with the goalkeeper then I won’t take the risk. Even though I’d be disappointed to concede the goal, it’s not the end of the world.”

Do you have to take into account where your goalkeeper is at the time?

“If it’s a one-on-one situation directly down the middle then it’s easier for the attacker to go around the goalkeeper, because he can go either way. He’s just got to touch it past him and the keeper is in danger of committing a foul and getting sent off.”

 If you’re chasing a game in the last few minutes and you need a goal, do you join the attack or hang back?

“I’d go up top and try to get the goal, because at the end of the day you’re losing, so it doesn’t matter whether they score another one – you’re still going to lose if you don’t score. Get up the pitch and make a nuisance of yourself.

“The risk of this is that if you do get caught out all you can do is bust a gut to get back. It can take it out of your but the never-give-up attitude is part and parcel of playing for Manchester United.  We take this mentality into every game and it’s amazing how many times it works in our favour. ”

Phil Jones wears the Adidas Ace.17.