Vincent Kompany: Believe in your leadership

Vincent Kompany: Believe in your leadership

Vincent Kompany: Believe in your leadership


10-years at an ever changing, ever improving Manchester City club, one thing has remained consistent and that is their Belgian captain! Vincent Kompany gives FourFourTwo some advice on how to lead your team to success and the role of a captain that is often overlooked.

Stay true to yourself

“I didn’t become captain when I was given the armband. When I first signed for City – when I wasn’t a star player – I had the same attitude and believed in my own qualities. I’ve never been shy, nor thought another player is more important than me. Way before I got the armband, I already had a relationship with the team and knew they’d listen if I put something forward. Captaincy feels natural to me because I have always been this kind of person – even as a young boy.”

Be the middle man

“Every day I answer a lot of questions that people already know the answer to: ‘Can you ask the manager if we can have an extra day off next week?’ – that type of thing. You ask the manager, knowing it’s going to be ‘no’. They ask you: ‘What did he say?’ and you tell them he said ‘no’. As the captain, it’s up to you to organise stuff for the team, like social events and fines. You need to make sure everyone gets given the same attention.”

Support your team mates

“The coach often asks the older pros to give the younger players a few words of advice, which we’re always happy to do. If I can pass my experience on to a younger player and help them develop, great. Sometimes you have to put your arm around a player; other times you have to give them some constructive criticism. We’ve created a good environment where everyone is trying to help each other. I like to read up on different things to improve my leadership skills.”