Vincent Kompany: Lead your team to victory

Vincent Kompany: Lead your team to victory

Vincent Kompany: Lead your team to victory


Manchester City and Belgium’s super-skipper, Vincent Kompany has been a big of part of every trophy win since joining the Citizens in 2008 and has led his team by example since becoming club captain in 2011. Kompany talks to FourFourTwo about being the fire and the ice at times.

Set an example

“Leading by example is part of what I try to do. When I was 17, 18, I was the same personality. I came into the dressing room, had very strong opinions and wasn’t shy about sharing them. When you say something, make it count, and train hard every day. Whatever game we play, I’m always competitive. Whether you’re on the losing team in training or in a game, there are a lot of people in a bad mood. That’s how top football should be – competitive.”

Rally the troops

“I shout before we go out and when we’re on the pitch to fire up the team. There are moments when you need to get a message across and you have to do it calmly. When things aren’t going well, you need to be more vocal and tell the team it’s not over yet. If we are losing, we’ll tell each other to keep going – to keep running. This helps the team raise its level. First it’s the attitude, then you have to show your passion – shout that you’re going to do better.”

Fight fires on the pitch

“When a scuffle kicks off on the pitch you, as the team captain, need to be the first in there to calm it down. Sometimes you need to help the referee, as it’s not always easy for them. But sometimes you have to defend a team-mate because experienced opponents will try to be clever and influence the referee. I’ll always be the first player over there to make sure the voice of our team is heard and that the players are being protected.”