A beginner’s guide to CrossFit

A beginner’s guide to CrossFit

A beginner’s guide to CrossFit


A Beginner’s guide to CrossFit

 CrossFit, one workout and you’ll be hooked

 CrossFit is a fusion of Olympic lifting, gymnastics, high intensity cardio and functional movements. It’s designed for people of all levels and the supportive team environment pushes individuals challenge their physical limits and fosters camaraderie.

CrossFit terminology you will need to know before you start:

The name given to a dedicated CrossFit gym or studio

Workout of the Day. Workouts change daily basis in order to target different skills and muscle groups.

‘As Many Rounds As Possible’.  During this style of workout, CrossFitters endeavour to complete as many circuits completing as may reps as possible of each exercises in 20 minutes.

‘Every Minute On the Minute’.  Requires specific exercises to be executed for 60 second stints.

Buy in or Cash in
Warm up exercises intentionally included to prepare the muscles and joints you’ll be using throughout the WOD

RX weight
The recommended weight selection for an exercise. However if the weight is beyond what you are capable of lifting, it can be adjusted. CrossFit is designed to cater to all fitness levels.

What do you need to start CrossFit?

  • Want to look super flash? You’ll need Reebok’s official CrossFit gear, designed with flexibility to give you freedom of movement.
  • Lightweight shoes offering stability, grip and cushioning to absorb shock.
  • Water bottle to stay hydrated throughout the intense workouts.

CrossFit tips for the beginner

  • Look around for a CrossFit gym based on the experience of their instructors rather than the one closest to your home.
  • Try a session before you sign up for a membership.
  • Hydrate throughout the workout, they can be super-intense
  • A foam roller is a necessity to ease tight muscles after your session
  • CrossFit can be addictive, but no one ever said it was easy.

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