Buyers Guide: How to choose an activity tracker

Buyers Guide: How to choose an activity tracker

Buyers Guide: How to choose an activity tracker


Wearable sports gadgets to revolutionise your fitness regime

Wearable technology is now all the rage and changing the way we workout. Gone are the days of the humble pedometer. Now you can track more than just your steps, you can monitor all your daily activity, calories burnt, distances covered, heart rate, and pulse…even your sleep patterns.

With so many options available to us how do you know which sports gadget will help you reach your goals?

Wearable technology for shaping up
An activity tracker like a FitBit monitors calories burnt, steps taken and sleep quality, the information stored with the handy compatible app and used as motivation to strive for daily improvement.

Wearable technology for the runner
A sports watch will track times and distance. Models like the Garmin Forerunner and the TomTom Runner Cardio GPS watch feature GPS capabilities to help map your runs. Pace per section, heart-rate and distance are captured and synced in an app you can download to your smart phone.

Wearable technology for triathlete
Running, swimming and cycling all rolled into one calls for a serious tracker. The TomTom Multi-Sport GPS Watch enables you to monitor your heart rate and swim strokes for efficiency and track your runs and bike ride in comprehensive detail.

Wearable technology for the multi-sport athlete
Being a sporty person who loves to keep active and involved in multiples sports, the Garmin Vivoactive GPS Smartwatch collates all your data, enables you to switch  between different sports and when you’re ready to cool off with a swim, it’s waterproof too.

An activity tracker or sports watch isn’t a miracle cure to being motivated to get in shape, but it will provide invaluable insight into your training, progress and inspire you to strive for your fitness and weight loss goals.