Buyers guide: How to choose a treadmill

Buyers guide: How to choose a treadmill

Buyers guide: How to choose a treadmill



Enjoy cardio in the comfort of your own home

Purchasing a treadmill is one of the best ways to fit in a good cardio session without leaving the house. As one of the most sought after at-home fitness machines, there are a huge variety on the market to choose from.

Use the following tips to assist you in buying a treadmill that’s going to live up to the demands of your exercise regime.

Check weight restrictions
All treadmills come with maximum weight specifications. Exceeding the weight limit can put the exercise machine under excessive strain. The heavier and bigger your frame, the more robust your treadmill needs to be. A basic, low-end model will be sufficient for light users. However if you’re a heavyweight boxer with a rigorous cardio schedule, opt for a larger treadmill.

Decide on key features that are important to you
Pre-programmed features are a great way to change up the intensity of your workout and ensure your training is fulfilling. The more advanced treadmills offer internet and Bluetooth connectivity enabling you to pair them with fitness apps. Play games, watch TV and even listen to music, all while you’re working out.

Check the maximum speed
Treadmills generally have an average top speed of 16kmph. However the high end treadmills are capable of running at speed at up to 22kmph with the touch of a button, perfect for the competitive athlete with a demanding training schedule.

Consider storage
Limited for space? You may have to shop accordingly and invest in a treadmill which can be folded and stored out of the way. You may have ample space in the garage, but will it be a case of out of sight out of mind?

Now you know the essential key features you need to look for when purchasing a treadmill, you can shop with confidence.