Essential gear for new cyclist

Essential gear for new cyclist

Essential gear for new cyclist


Congratulations on your decision to take up cycling. It’s an awesome way to experience the great outdoors, shape up and improve your fitness levels. Cycling can be a costly pursuit to take up initially, but once you have all the essential gear, then it costs you nothing – aside from the occasional repair or bicycle upgrade.

Whether you’re planning to cycle recreationally or train to compete in the Tour De France one day, here’s what you’ll need before you can hit the road.

A Bicycle
This is the most important item. You don’t have to purchase a brand new road cycle, but if you opt for purchasing second hand, make sure it’s in good condition and as light as possible.

The less your bike weighs, the better. The best bikes have carbon fibre frames, but the lighter the cycle, the more heftier the price.

Ensure the bike has a good set of tyres and if they’re showing signs of wear and tear, purchase some new ones. Good tyres can give you the edge on other competitors should you decide to compete in road events.

Spare parts for repairs
In case you are unlucky and get a puncture or two, carry spare parts with you – two tubes, tyre levers and a pump or two CO2 canisters are a quick way to pump up a flat tyres in two seconds.

Bicycle helmet
Helmets have never been considered the height of coolness, but for your own protection it’s imperative you invest in a helmet that meets Australian safety standards.

A good pair of sunnies, not only protects your eyes from the glare and dangerous UV rays, but also offers protection from wind, insects and loose gravel.

Cycling clothing
Wearing tight fitting clothing is not a prerequisite to ride a bike, but specialist cycling wear is designed with ultimate comfort in mind. The clothing is engineered to move with you as you ride. Usually constructed with wicking technology to draw the sweat away from your skin, proper cycling clothing will reduce chafing.

Cycling gloves protect your hands from sun damage, reduces sweat and cushions your palms.

Once you have all the gear you’re ready to put pedal to the metal.