How to choose a sports bra

How to choose a sports bra

How to choose a sports bra


There’s nothing like being blessed in the bosom department and having to clutch ‘the girls’ to your chest in a compression-like grip to stop breast bounce while running or working out. Studies undertaken by one of the leading bra brand Berlei and the Australian Institute of Sport discovered  high-impact exercise can cause unsupported 16DD chests to bounce up to 19 centimetres. Whoah! Without the correct support ladies, you are putting yourself at risk at stretching the ligaments, which means things may start to head south, sooner than you anticipated and you may get stretch marks.

No matter what shape or size you are, wearing a sports bra is crucial. Double cupping (wearing two every day bras on top of each other) isn’t going to prevent problems either.

Finding the perfect sports bra is almost like a science and it can be quite difficult to get it right. Whether you’re an A or DD, this guide will help you find a sport bra that fits.

There should be no side or top spillage from the cub. When you raise your hands in the air, the bra shouldn’t ride up. If the fabric puckers or wrinkles, the cup is most likely a little large.

The band is part of the bra that fits around your rib cage. It needs to be firm fitting without cutting off your oxygen supply. If the band is too small, it’s going to rub. Rubbing equal chafing which is exceptionally painful, particularly if you are mid-workout. No one’s got time for red raw skin. If it’s too loose, the back strap will ride up to your shoulder blades. In this case try going to a size down (18 to a 16).

Straps should not dig or leave visible dents where they’ve been sitting. Look for straps that aren’t too stretching to decrease bounce and that can be easily adjusted. If you find that the straps are the only thing supporting ‘the girls’, you cold be wearing the wrong size bra. Try a few squats, star jumps and high knees on the spot to see how things feel.

Choose material with wicking technology that draws sweat away from your skin. This will also reduce painful chafing.

Don’t just buy the first sports bra you try on. Try a few and pick the one that’s most comfortable. Don’t base your selection on what your favourite celebrity is wearing or brand names, go for comfort. The more comfortable you feel while exercising, the more confident you will be.