How to choose the perfect cricket bat

How to choose the perfect cricket bat

How to choose the perfect cricket bat


If you were to find the perfect cricket bat, it would be one with a substantial profile, while still being light. Heftier bats with massive profiles may provide powerful drive, but there is significant debate as to whether the heavier bats inhibit the amount of directional stroke and pick up.

For the best performance from a bat, the weight and size of the bat usually come down to personal preference.

Often cricket players will demand a particular bat weight, but if given two different bats –one at the requested weight and one that was slightly heavier or lighter, it’s not likely they would be able to distinguish the difference.

Bat selection simply comes down to what feels right for you.

The same applies when selecting the shape of the cricket bat. It’s often said bats are crafted for either back foot or front foot play, but typically cricket players often play off both the front and back foot, so again it’s essential to base your selection of what feels right. Even if it means getting a feel for the bat in-store, by handling the bat and practising your stroke.

The appearance of the cricket bat has little to do with performance and more to do with the grade of wood. The thinner the bat or higher the grade, the cheaper the bat and more prone to breakage. Generally, the old adage you get what you pay for still applies.

Grade 3 cricket bats are the most commonly used and exceptionally reasonably priced, giving you the best of both worlds – performance and cost wise. Grade 1 bats are the most expensive and often perceived to be the best looking and made from top grade willow, while a Grade 5 crickets bats are at the cheaper end of the scale.

The chart below will help you decide on what size cricket bat to choose based on your height.


td style=”text-align: center;”>Long handle/Long blade

 Height Recommended Size 
 4ft and under  0
 4ft 3 inches – 4ft 6 inches  1
 4ft 6 inches- 4ft 9 inches  2
 4ft 9 inches – 5ft  3
 5ft – 5ft 3 inches  4
 5ft 3 inches – 5ft 5 inches  5
 5ft 5 inches – 5ft 7 inches  6
 5ft 7 inches – 5ft 9 inches  Harrow
 5ft 9 inches – 6ft  Small mens
 6 ft and over  Long handle long blade

Now that you have the basic fundamentals on choosing the perfect bat, you can head to the pitch and strive to become the next Ricky Ponting.