How to fit your swimming goggles

How to fit your swimming goggles

How to fit your swimming goggles


How to find the right goggles for you? 

Choosing the the right goggles can be the key to performing your best in the water.  Here are some tips to find the right fit.

Where do you swim?
Let’s begin with the easy part. Where will you be swimming? If you are swimming in the ocean or open water we recommend goggles with polarized polycarbonate lenses as they ensure the best clarity. These often come in a more ‘Wrap around” model, allowing for optimal peripheral vision.
If you mainly swim in the pool, there are many styles and models available which can be confusing to choose from. One recommendation which suits most people who swim outdoors is to look for mirrored goggles. These can act like sunglasses and come in many varieties for both fit and colour.

How to get a good fit?

Step 1 – Seal

To test the fit, you should firstly apply the goggle to the face without the strap in place and test the seal the goggle provides. If a split second of suction is provided then you have a strong indication of a good fit.

From there place the strap around your head, the goggle straps sole purpose is to hold the goggle in position, not to provide the seal. Adjustment of the strap may be necessary, however avoid the temptation to pull the strap too tight, this will simply create uncomfortable pressure on the delicate eye area.

Most goggles come with a double strap,  you may find placing one strap slightly higher than the other helps keep the goggles in place. Further straps should be level at the eye or above, never below. It is common for swimmers to not enjoy the feeling of the straps against the moving water, in this case we recommend placing your goggles underneath your cap.

Step 2 – Fit

Once you have found a good seal and fitted the strap to your liking there are 2 areas to focus on:

  • Comfort around the nose bridge, the goggle should sit comfortably around the nose and create a good seal.
  • Seal around the eye should sit comfortably and not wrap too far around the corner of the eye. This can be tricky to see so ask a friend or family member to help you with this and use mirrors to check for gaps.

We recommend trying 2-3 different models, this will help you compare fit, comfort and validate your purchase decision.