Fast and easy tips to packing light

Fast and easy tips to packing light


Fast and easy tips to packing light


Off on your OE to trek to the summit of Everest? Travelling to Hawaii to watch the Billabong Pipe Masters? Backpacking around Europe hunting Pokemon?

Travelling light can mean cheaper airfares if you only take carry-on luggage. However, it can be a mission to cram everything you need into a smallish bag that squeezes into the overhead lockers on an aircraft. If you’re normally the type of person who packs their entire life with the exception of the kitchen sink and the cat, packing light can be tricky, especially if you’re visiting somewhere prone to all four seasons in a day or multiple climates.

With our handy packing tips, you’ll be able to breeze on through immigration, skip the luggage carousel crowds and mostly likely secure a cheaper airfare.

Most importantly, you’ll need a lightweight bag – a compact gym bag or travel backpack should do the job. Be sure to check with your airlines for carry-on restrictions and regulations.

Remember the two pair of shoes rule

Set yourself a shoe limit, the pair you have on your feet and a back-up pair should they get wet. If getting gussied up isn’t your thing, forgo the dress shoes for a second pair of comfortable walking shoes.

Take clothes you can mix and match
Choose clothing items that are easily coordinated to create different looks. For example; ladies, black leggings can be teamed with t-shirt and runners for a day of city sightseeing and dressed up with a flashy blouse and pair of strappy sandals. Guys – a pair of tailored shorts are perfect for the beach with a pair of thongs and a t-shirt. Switch the tee for a polo shirt and you’re dressed for a casual dinner.

Wicking saves on drying time
As well as being lightweight, wicking fabric socks, shirts and underwear are perfect if there’s limited access to laundry facilities. Some travellers recommend showering while wearing their wicking fabric as it’s quick dry and saves on finding coins for laundromats.

Dress like an eskimo on the plane
Wear your heaviest items on the aircraft and don’t forget to layer up. Lightweight merino thermals or jackets are ideal if you are heading for a cooler climate.

Leave the books at home
If you enjoy reading you can save a heap of space by ensuring you upload all your favourite reading material to a kindle. Alternatively you can unplug from the virtual world and leave all your electronic gadgets at home and learn to be present in the moment instead of worrying about what’s happening on Facebook or back at your office.

Pack tight
Some airlines have weight restrictions (around 7kg), so keep this in mind when you’re stuffing your belongings in. If you roll your clothes, instead of folding, you will be able to fit more in without wrinkling everything.