How to choose Heelys

How to choose Heelys

How to choose Heelys


Why walk when you can skate? The Heelys are a hot commodity. All the kids seem to want them, so if you need help with what they are and how to choose the best ones for your children, you’ve come to the right place.

Essentially Heelys are a roller shoe with a removable wheel giving your kids the option to walk or skate, wherever they go.

There’s more to Heely’s than just their dazzling designs. What are the difference between one wheel shoes and two wheel shoes?

With Heelys featuring one wheel, you will find the wheel is located in the heel area of the sole. It’s easily removable, if your child proves to be completely uncoordinated and can’t manage to come to grips with using the shoes to skate. So don’t worry, you won’t have wasted your money as they can still be worn as every day shoes. The one wheeled Heelys are renowned for their speed and it’s easy to change direction, stop and start.

However, to gain balance and confidence on one-wheel is significantly harder than balancing on two. The two wheel variety provides more stability and control. Keep this in mind, if you have a child who tends to be slightly uncoordinated or doesn’t  Look for shoes with low profile wheels as these will make skating smoother.

The two wheeled Heely has a removable front wheel, so they can be easily converted to one wheel Heelys once your children have mastered the art of skating.

Not all Heelys come with padding. The padding does make them more comfortable, but don’t forget when picking shoes sizes, you’ll need to select a bigger size from what your child normally wear. One size up is usually plenty of room. If you opt to purchase Heely’s without padding, a smaller size than normal, should be a good fit. If unsure, you can always take the kids to try before you buy.

Traditional shoe laces provide a secure fit, but if your child struggles with shoelaces, perhaps choose a Heely with Velcro.

The roller shoes aren’t designed for gravel or dirt.

Once you get the shoes home, it might take a little practice before your little ones master the art. To skate, simply ensure your child puts the weight on the heel of their shoe. To stop, it’s a matter of transferring the weight to the toes and jogging until speed reduces and they can gain enough control to stop.