How to host the ultimate State of Origin party

How to host the ultimate State of Origin party

How to host the ultimate State of Origin party


It’s that time of year, where friendships get put on hold and we lose our voices hollering at the telly as New South Wales and Queensland go head to head to see who will be 2017’s State of Origin champions. With two games down and the stakes tied, everything will be put on the line come July 12, with the final match guaranteed to be a nail biter.

Don’t worry missed out on tickets or if you can’t afford to be at ‘The Decider’ at Suncorp stadium. With a little creative thinking and planning, you can have just as much fun at home by hosting a State of Origin party. Here’s a few ideas to help you get the party started.

The most important thing is a big screen TV or a high definition data projector. Move your TV to your entertainment area, or find a spot in your backyard where you can hang up an ironed white sheet as a movie screen. Being outdoors in the cold night air will make it feel like you are at the stadium.

Seating for guests doesn’t have to be flash. You can use old milk crates, bean bags and sports chairs.

Food and beverages are easy. Ask your mates to BYO meat or you can get a packet of bulk snags from the local butchery. For dessert, why not make cupcakes and decorate them in team colours?

Decorate with State of Origin flags, team coasters and encourage your guests to dress up in fangear. Rebel have a huge range of official merchandise including hilarious novelty beanies, adult onesies, cape flags and funky dreadlock hats.

For entertainment, try turning off the sound and making up your own commentary, play State of Origin Bingo where you have cards with a selection of the most popular things commentators say,  or run your own betting pool – everyone puts $10 into a cash pool and the closest to guessing the score takes home the money.

The final game takes place on July 12, 2017 at  8.00pm (AEST). It will be broadcast on free-to-air TV on Channel 9.