How to speed up your recovery after a knee injury

How to speed up your recovery after a knee injury

How to speed up your recovery after a knee injury


Three simple steps can make a massive difference to recovery and long term outcomes after an acute sports injury. A wrenched knee while sprinting across the sports field or skiing down the snowy slopes of Thredbo can cause excruciating pain and put you out of action for months.

Physiotherapist, Tim Keely is a rehabilitation expert who has personally experienced the pain and frustration of a debilitating knee injury. Knowing what to do straight away can stop a knee injury from becoming an unending nightmare and with these three simple steps from Tim Keely, you can reduce your recovery time.


R.I.C.E immediately
This is the most important step and R.I.C.E is an easy way to remember to rest, ice, compress and elevate. Lie down where you are, as long as it’s safe to do so and apply ice, whether it’s a instant cold pack or a bag of frozen bag of corn. Apply pressure with a ‘tubigrip sock’ or compression sock and elevate. Applying compression decreases swelling and may allow your knee to be functional enough to get to your local doctor without being carried.


Get your injury assessed and treated straight away
Find out what you’re dealing with straight up, whether it’s an ACL injury or simply a sprain. An immediate assessment means you can start working on your recovery programme. A doctor can provide you with scripts for pain meds, while your physiotherapist can recommend exercises to start rebuilding your muscle group.


Start your physio programme immediatelyy
Avoid muscle loss and control by commencing your physio programme straight away and follow specialist advice. Tim Keely followed these three steps following an ACL injury while skiing in Queenstown, New Zealand. He firmly believes this treatment was instrumental in his mobility, allowing him to return to work while awaiting a new type of ACL reconstructive surgery.