Lifting weights for beginners

Lifting weights for beginners

Lifting weights for beginners


Fast track your weight loss with weight-lifting.

Counting calories and sweating it out on the treadmill with disappointing results? A cardio-heavy regime could be the reason for your weight loss plateau. Resistance and weight training is often overlooked by first-time gym goers afraid they will bulk up. But did you know that weight training is the fastest way to lose weight and tone?

Adding weights to your fitness regime doesn’t have to be difficult.

Start out small and gradually increase your weights

Begin with lighter weights and add more repetitions to each set before you increase the load. Gyms usually provide a free introductory session with an instructor to familiarise clients with the weight machines. It’s a good way to learn how to use the equipment properly and avoid injury.

Alternatively, purchase a couple of sets of hand weights, a 2.5kg and 5kg are good weights to start off with.

Schedule rest days

Your muscles and nervous system need scheduled rest days from weight training. Resting allows the muscles to recover and repair to cope with the demands of increased reps and weight. A rest day doesn’t mean lie on the couch, watching TV while eating potato chips. It’s a rest from weight training. There’s no reason why you can’t play soccer or go for a walk. Aim for three to four weight training days a week, interspersed with cardio.

Focus on full body workouts

Workout smarter by incorporating full body exercises. Full body exercises target all your muscles in one workout and eliminates the need for alternating chest and leg days. You can minimise your training days while maximising the calories burnt and your weight loss.