The beginner’s guide to choosing sports earphones

The beginner’s guide to choosing sports earphones

The beginner’s guide to choosing sports earphones


Finding good sports headphones is hard when you’re not exactly sure what you’re looking for. If only it was as simple as selecting the cheapest pair on offer. However when it comes to headphones, earphones or earbuds, you pay for what you get. What’s better, wired or wireless? There are pros and cons to both. Let’s look at the features you should be looking for.

You don’t want earphones that will interfere with your workout. The lighter the better. Big bulky earphones with over-sized ear buds will put pressure on the inside of your ear and eventually begin to hurt. Wireless earphones are extremely lightweight without the wire, but they are more expensive.

Sweat and waterproof
If you’re paying good money for a pair of earphones, they really need to be sweat and water resistant. There’s no point going for a run in the rain, if a heavy shower results in your new earphones calling it a day.

Corded remote and mic
Having earphones with remote control access to skip sounds, switch the volume up and down and answer calls means you can continue exercising without having to stop or losing concentration. However, you might find wired earphones a nuisance. They can easily tangle or disconnect from your device if snagged. Wired earphones are not recommended for sports that require substantial movement like running, Crossfit or cycling.

Noise cancelling features
Having the correct fit means the bud sits securely inside your ear and blocks out all other distractions, great if you’re at the gym, not so great if you are road running and can’t hear cars or what’s going on around you.

As great as wireless headphones are, they only have a lifespan as long as the battery lasts before they need to be recharged.  Not so bad if you are headed for a quick run, but completely annoying if you’re mid marathon when the earphones go flat. Battery life depends on the type of earphone you purchase.